What is the technique about? How does it give color to the skin?

SOL PLENO ® is an ideal no-sun tanning, applied to the whole body in in the form of a soft breeze, originated by an air brush. It is thought for those who look for a healthy, natural and lasting alternative, avoiding the risks of sun exposition. The organic active provides the tanning. The color is revealed between 2 to 4 hours after the session, and it intensifies progressively till it reaches its maximum after 24 hours.

Which substances are applied?

The product consists of self-tanning lotions, developed with a rigorous selection of natural components, with moisturizing and nutritious properties. The tanning is achieved thanks to an organic active (DHA), a molecule derived from sugar cane that makes contact with the skin’s amino acids on the surface without penetrating the inferior layers because of its size.

How long does the tanning last? Does it stain the skin?

The achieved tone lasts 4-7 days, depending on the skin type and on the post-application cares. This system DOES NOT stain the skin. The tone gradually fades with the natural process of exfoliation. The more hydrated the skin is, the more the tone lasts.

Which are the needed cares before the application?

It is recommended that the tanning session be made on completely clean skin (no creams or make-up). If possible, do a previous exfoliation. It is preferable that you wear loose dark clothes. Shaving and waxing need to be done previously.

How long does the application last?

The application lasts 15 minutes.

How long do I have to wait to get dressed after the application?

The drying time depends on each skin, but it usually takes 15 minutes.

Which cares are necessary after the application?

It is recommended to remain 4 hours without bathing, getting wet or applying any kind of product, or doing any high performance activity to avoid sweating and staining. If leading with sun exposure, do not forget to apply sunscreen.

What happens with the clothes I wear to the application? Can they get stained?

The Bronzer lotions, which offer an immediate tanning, can lightly graze the light clothes, but any stain can be removed with water and soap. This effect disappears after bathing while the tanning remains unaltered.

How many sessions are required to achieve the desired tanning and maintain it?

SOL PLENO® recommends 2 sessions on the first week to achieve a base color and 1 weekly session to maintain it, depending on the preference and skin type.

Available colors and tones. How do I choose one?

We offer lotions for every skin type and for different occasions. We recommend taking advise from the applier according to the result the client wishes to obtain.

Are these hypoallergenic substances?

There are more than 250.000 persons that have been tanned with SOL PLENO® and the statistics show that the product does not produce irritation nor allergic reaction risks.

Is it a safe method? What are the risks or counter-indications?

It is absolutely safe since the DHA molecule is big enough not to go through the dermis and therefore the organism cannot absorb it.

Is it true that it is useful to those who cannot sunbathe for different reasons? (Skin cancer patients or those who have very clear skin, for example)

It is ideal for those who cannot sunbathe, to cover skin stains, vitiligo or other conditions.

Where can I get a session of SOL PLENO®?

In the following link you will find every center and distributor according to each zone.